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Province Citizen Arya Farren- Thoughtfulsoul112


NAME: Arya Farren
AGE: 22
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: 111 pounds
RACE: Human
HOMELAND: XX Born in Noria, grew up in Noria in the Low Town
JOB OR RANK: XX Adept Healer
Appearance: Brown straight hair, dark brown eyes,
*note this picture was the inspiration for her thoughtful and imaginative nature, when she is not demanded to focus on her patients, she is often losing herself in worlds, a meditative spirit and writing.

PERSONALITY: XX Arya is a quiet and reserved young woman who only usually speaks when she is spoken to, if the contents of the conversation interests her however, she will open to that person a little. She is kind and means well but can often be mistaken for ignorant because frequently loses herself in a myriad of thoughts mainly filled with anxiety, but also because she has an imaginative spirit and loves writing, keeping her journal near her whenever she is permitted. She can have mood swings where she will enter a random state of focus becoming ambitious and curious to learn new things. This is mainly because of the Myst’s influence on her moods.
BIOGRAPHY: XX Born to a blacksmith who was skilful in his art and was visited by wandering travellers, soldiers, and mercenaries in the Low Part of Noria. Her father wanted to take her on as an apprentice and train her in the ways of the forge, however after having tried to teach her the basics of the art, he found that she was either hammering the weapons out of shape or staring off into the distance somewhere else in the world. Being an only child, her father was given enough time to solely focus on the task of helping her to attain a better future. When she failed to learn the art of blacksmithing, he decided to send her off to train with one of his friends, Blake who tried to teach the girl the art of trading and commerce. She seemed to lapse onto the theory very quickly, but when she ended up stammering and losing interest, unable to haggle on a price and secure a deal with one of the potential clients. Her father sometimes told her that it was ironic she was born in Noria for it was a trading district and she could not trade for a single penny. Seeing that she was interested in learning the art of manipulating language and writing tales to a suited audience, he decided that he would try and contact someone who could educate his daughter the way he could never educate her. Her father would craft solid and high-quality weapons from various ores for many clients. Having skilfully produced a beautiful replica of a family heirloom for a man who lived in the High Town, he ended up being favoured well by their family and after various contracts secured and successful sales, the man from the High Town decided that he would dedicate his time to tutor and educate Arya in the arts of formal writing, literature, knowledge and history and lore as well as knowing about various arts. He took her to witness some of the greatest bards and minstrels sing their hearts out and compose songs along with their poems and that is where she gained inspiration to continue writing and developing her own content. One day a strange incident occurred whilst the man was lecturing her of how the influence of the wars, political status and the trades between the various cities inspired the works of authors, his wife who was an academic magi entered the room and sensed the presence of the Myst influencing young Arya to a degree and pointed it out. She said “I don’t know what your father has been telling you, but you are indeed fit to act as a conduit to the Myst. It influences many of your actions. Do you sometimes enter a realm unknown to you…and no I am not talking about daydreaming, I am talking about a real out of body experience? The Myst influences different people in different ways and has been trying to communicate to you. This is something you father has not understood or has disclosed from you. You have potential to harness the myst and you should not waste it. You have spent enough time here.”

Arya appeared confused and after her lesson she returned home to consult her father on the matter, wondering how she could possibly possess the bloodline to be a potential magi. Upon hearing this information her father shivered before being forced to reveal everything to her that day. Her mother was a magi who was trained in Physical Magic, creating new solutions for everyday problems that labourers, tradesman and soldiers were faced with. Her mother was an asset, she travelled to Rhishoka because she needed to attend a gathering there with some other magi but went missing. Her remains were found later, the Old Empire saying that she was killed by a battle-mage she encountered on the road of travel, but no one believes this is true.

This caused a rift between Arya and her father for he did not even tell her how he had really met her mother because he was too ashamed to speak about it. Arya though guessed that she was an illegitimate child and because this troubled her father, she did not divulge any further though to most it was not really a big deal. Convinced her mother was dead because the remains had been seen, she moved on with life and took the magi’s advice. She soon found a love for healing magic of which she became adept in because she wanted to do something useful for others as well as continue to pursue her dreams of becoming an author one day. What was more, she found it the easiest to harness the Myst for healing magic as opposed to any other form of magic and thinking about her mother too who used to incorporate her magic for practical use, she decided that she would use magic mainly for that purpose.

Now she has a joined a Camp in Noria that is training soldiers and acquiring swords for hire to fight for the House of Ralik. This is the first time she is going to be healing soldiers while they train and while they are in the middle of warfare, but she has proved her skills in healing efficiently. All this while she continues to write the tale that she has been working on, will she have to lose her passion for writing to keep up with everything?
MAGIC & SKILLS: X Excellent writer, concise and clear, but also has a creative touch to her writing, she often tells these stories to soldiers in camps to entertain them. She is adept at healing magic and heals soldiers of the camp when they are injured in training or have gained wounds from battle.
Magic includes being able to very quickly get rid of minor cramps and pains, boosting the focus and stamina of soldiers as well as being able to deploy a temporary shield to protect from attacks which is one form of healing magic for the sake of the person being protected.
Can speed up the healing process for larger injuries by tapping into the Myst. Can stitch wounds, clean wounds using magic and without magic. During the healing process the patient encounters, she can also revitalise them so that when they wake up they feel fresher and ready when they have recovered because healing magic ties in with the idea of being able to sustain life.
In dire circumstances, if one is not brain dead she can put them into a state where they are sapping off the power of healing magic which is keeping their brain going but this obviously makes her very tired because the Myst exhausts her. This is so that if it is too dangerous to try and treat them, she can take them back to the healing tent if she moves fast and work on them.
Can use a healing spell that will move a fractured bone back into place without causing the person too much pain, numbing the pain receptors she maps out. She can speed up the healing process, but larger injuries will still take time to heal for a while.
She has an ability that allows her to map out where the damage is done by tapping into the Myst, a green aura surrounding the patient, this allows her diagnosis to be made faster.
Efficient, fast, and perceptive. She is trained enough to know what to do in most situations, knows the spells needed and the procedures she must do.
Knows basic combat training and self-defence. She can defend herself with a sword, but of course she is not a soldier. Knows some basic shields that may protect her, but she is not a fighter, so she has little offensive skills.

Somewhat Adept Apothecary

Can create healing potions that are good for instant relief sleeping potion, pain relief potions , temporary stamina boosters, potions that quickly stop an infection spreading if applied quick enough, but her real talent lies in her magic
GEAR: XX Bedroll, bandages, salve, cleans Bread, Water, and various herbs. Vials for potion, ground up roots, apothecary tool kit and more. She also has various books based on the herbs and healing spells that she sometimes has to revise over, she may need to blend potions just in case she fails to tap into the Myst. Carries her journal, spare change of robe. Quill. Ink pot and some parchments.
Time for Words- OPEN