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Empire Citizen Aralethe Granius




Aralethe Granius

► Aralethe Vetia Granius​
► 27​
► XX​
► 5'4"​
► 127lbs​
► Grey​
► Blonde​
► Human​
► Collimus​
► High-Born Noble​

Though the house of Granius is hidden within the golden city of Collimus, within it there is said to have grown a beautiful garden of the Lord's daughters. Of which, he had three: Melliana, of Lord Granius' dark hair and pale flesh, who wed another noble from Rhisoka. Halia, the middle, of their mother's blue eyes and tanned skin, easy to laugh but easy to anger, dark of hair. But then Analethe, the youngest, and the last of Lady Granius. Unlike her father and mother, her skin was fair but her hair was of pale gold as well, with still grey eyes and a contemplative air.

She grew within the golden city a very sheltered, secluded life. Naturally a loner as it was, she was with a secret herself. Despite her quiet voice and calm demeanor, she felt a deep well of resentment for the life she lived. Every garden must have its' thorns, and hers were the power of words. Early in life it was discovered she had an aptitude with water; in particular, with healing, and scrying, able to predict in vague ways how the future may turn. She also had a keen hunger for knowledge of plants, of botany and of poison, and was, for most of her life, granted that pleasure.

But like many things that is water, the future can turn or vanish, and though her accuracy became reknown, she remains reclusive and silent in nature. Though she was of impeccable bloodline and those few that have seen her face have sung her praises, they are often called myth, for few have seen her, and fewer still even know of her existence. She lived for a time, in solitude.

Then the Myst surge struck.

Suddenly, she felt a keen aptitude for plants, and for nature, and despite the sequestering of her life, longs for an existence for her own garden, her own haven to keep away, and to use her knowledge to spurn those less worthy to see her face.


Quiet, calm, almost meek would be the term to describe her, if those that didn't know her would have. But once they would get beneath the calm veneer they would find someone of keen hunger, of desire to learn and to grow, with an aching need to break free of the chains she had been bound in, coupled with a sharp wit and a keener cunning. She observes from within her solitude, puzzling out those that remain with her, and assessing strengths and weaknesses. Hers is a calculated study, to keep herself apart from others, and to live how she can within the rules she's been given. Within the soft, quiet woman stands a spine of steel.

Magic & Skills

Water Adept- From the smallest trickle to a steady stream, hers is the gift of the water. However, her gifts lie with scrying, with the healing portents of water, with potions and herbs and things that nourish and grow with water's influence. Hers are mostly nurturing gifts, however if pressed she will not hesitate to use this ability to lash back by whatever means are necessary.

Visionary- Though her skills are rarely wrong, they are not reliable. She must have perfect stillness and clarity of mind, else she cannot focus on the probability she has been given.

Court Bred- In the halls of courts and noble born, she is at her element. Beyond the gilded walls, however, she is clearly out of her depth, and will withdraw even further within herself and shy away. As such, talking to anyone below a Lord comes with extreme difficulty, and she finds it hard to relax or 'be herself' outside the painted thin realities of Rhisoka.

  • Writing Utensils
  • An Owl, named Chandra
  • Court outfit, daily outfit, commoners clothing, and one special occasion outfit when out and about
  • A small knife
  • Scrying chalice
  • Water skin, with purified water from the Temple of Halvard
  • Horse, Rini
  • Her personal servant and childhood friend, Vaela

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