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NAME: Anarchin
AGE: 30 years old
HEIGHT: 173 cm
WEIGHT: 73 kg
HOMELAND: The Old Empire

PERSONALITY: Naturally manipulative, he has zero sympathy for other people. Seeing them as always just as tools that he can use to achieve his own goals, he rarely shows any positive attitude towards someone. Usually he acts like a introvert and rarely socialise with other creatures. Keeping things to himself he is a very private person that keeps secrets away from the rest of the world.

The reason for this hostility is his defects created by experimenting too much with the Myst. It effected his personality and drastically changed his behaviour. Almost loosing his mind, after many attempts to get more powerful.

He often lies and rarely tells the truth. His mind is so confused that sometimes, he can't make a difference of what is real or invented by his imagination. The Myst effected him such way that his whole individuality is constantly changing and is never the same.

Anarchin doesn'tnot believe in love. He sees it as invention of human mind methe by human expectations and fantasies. He doesn't not believe in friendship either. The only thing that matters to him his to improve himself andbe better in using magic to benefit himself.

BIOGRAPHY: Born and raised in the Capital of the old empire, he had the misfortune to loose his parents at a very young age. By the time he reached 13 years old, a group of skilled mages adopted him.The next sever years he spents in assisting them in their work. Never really having much friends, Anarchin gets obsessed with magic. By the age of 18 years old, the experiments with magic occupy most of his time. After learning the basics, another addiction possess the boy. The Myst becomes for him the only thing that matters. His experiments get more twisted and get the attention of the mages that have adopted him.

Their warnings only provoke him to go even more further inhis studies of magic. One night however,after a tragic accident after using The Myst, changes his life forever. His face gets so scared by the use of forces of the unknown that he had permanently injures his own face. The result leads to him wearing a mask to hide his scars. His left hand also gets mutated. His fingers change drastically.

The outcome getshim scared for life. Leaving the mages that pretty much teached him everything they knew, he starts wondering across the old empire like a hollow shadow of his former self.Always experimenting, always wanting to master the Myst.

SKILLS: Manipulation of forces of life, by temporary giving life to stone objects like statues, which sometimes he uses to do the fighting for him.

Necromancy is another of his speciality. Giving others to corpes of all sorts of creatures to do as he wishes for short period of time. That includes skeletons of death people as well.

Teleporting from one place to another in short and distances.That means also he can take other people with him, along with items (magical or not).

His arsenal of skills also includes, manipulating the magic to created shields of force to protect himself or others. Forcing The Myst to use the air and move it around to push things away from him. Also to pull them to himself off the ground.

GEAR Book (containing magical knowledge)
Short Dagger
Bag (where he keeps his scrolls, the book and other items that he finds important)

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Looks good to me but could you add a little more detail to his life force manipulation and necromancy? Roughly how many undead or stone creatures can he control at once? How many can he summon at once? etc. It can be either estimations or hard numbers, doesn't matter. Either of them gives us a clearer picture of his current strength.
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Hey Anarchin

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