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Cathwa Citizen Akasha Emberstone

Story Moderator



NAME: Akasha Emberstone
AGE: 24
GENDER: Female
WEIGHT: 139 lbs.
HAIR COLOR: Platinum Blonde
Magi/ Glassmaker

Myst User: Yes

PERSONALITY: Akasha is a rather reserved woman, keeping her emotions in check when in the company of strangers, and giving off a rather uncaring aura, though the truth is that this is all an act she puts up. She attempts to commit good acts while keeping up the stoic persona, though she will deny it if individuals comment on it. She longs to carve out a place of her own within Cathwa, but dreads what it might take to earn such a place of power. She might come off as being greedy or perhaps hasty with her actions, but she does it all with a greater goal in mind. Akasha is extremely prone to seasickness, and dreads having to set foot on a boat.


BIOGRAPHY: Akasha comes from a family that at one point claimed to have had a connection to the Blooded Nobility only to have been cast out generations ago when their line apparently moved too quickly to replace a deceased Emperor, though when this happened no one in her line had been able to say. Whether that is true or not, Akasha has long since given up on any sense of reclaiming a lost birth right, or trying to find something in what might greatly be a fairy tale, with the only possible proof being heirlooms she and her brother have inherited; though what they do is a mystery to the two of them. She was born in the desert, and she will die in the desert; least that’s how she has come to see it. The Emberstone line possesses a unique enhancement granted by the Myst, as their skin appears glossy and seems to practically shimmer like metal when exposed to heat and fire, yet they seemingly suffer no ill effects from it. As such, Akasha always feels exceptionally warm to the touch.

Akasha’s early life is known only to her, as her family has all passed on, either from illness or having disappeared over the years; though she believes her brother might still be alive. Akasha lost her parents at the age of six, growing up as an orphan after both her parents died of disease, with her older brother raising her and helping her initial explorations into the use of magic. The two siblings grew up traversing the desert, foraging for survive in the desert and barrens, and in times of desperation having to resort to begging to earn food. The pair traveled like this for three years, until they finally had enough to reside in Abori. Several years ago, her brother set out to understand their family history, and to unlock the secrets within the family heirloom that he had come to inherit; though he never returned from his venture, Akasha hasn't given up hope. She resided in Amarat, until she managed to collect enough funds through the selling of her goods, after which she journeyed to Setasut, and taking up residence there, she aims to continue her search for her brother. She hopes to use her funds to create a safe haven for the downtrodden and outcasts of society, though she desperately wanted to find her brother before she can embark on such an endeavor, after learning of his fate she had endeavored to hasten her goal. Also, ever since her return from the Archipelago, Akasha has begun to wear a leather plated collar around her neck, but will not tell anyone why she does so; pressing for an awnser will only draw her ire.


MAGIC & SKILLS: Pyromancy Specialist, Adapt Transmutation Caster, Novice Sword Wielder, Master Glassblower, Adapt Survivalist, Skilled Business Woman.
GEAR: Travelers Clothes, Pack, Scimitar, Stone Carved Amulet (Family Heirloom, it is magical haven't settled on what it does), reinforced glass jars, leather collar.
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