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    Hello all

    welcome :)
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    Faction Reavers

    Approved :) Nice to see something that might be a good counter force for ARI.
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    Magic Conjuration: Myst Flower

    Nicely written. I look forward to seeing how people put it to use in RP. Approved.
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    Open Sundering of Dragon's Maw

    You would actually hit with a little bit of help from the bonus last round :)
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    Myst Born Actias

    Actias Classification: Insectoid, Mystborn Racial Talents: Flight, Myst Sensitivity, Morphology, Fragile Wings, Low Light, Unnatural Bodies Native: None Lifespan: 50~60 Years Physical Description; Plainly speaking most would perceive the Actias as Moth people. Possessing feathered antennae and...
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    Province Suwannee Island

    Nice to see some love for the Archipelago islands. Approved
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    The Gladiatorial Tournament

    Character Name: Bellona Character Link: Bellona Scaeva To round out numbers
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    Misc Davy Jones' Locker

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    Empire Citizen Sage Belisarius

    Belisarius Name Belisarius Alias Oracle of Arcavous Gender Male Age 80+ Race Half-Human Homeland REDACTED Faction Research Institute, Empire Rank Sage / Gate Keeper Background Belisarius is the third to hold the title Sage at the Arcavous Research Institute. Despite being...
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    Roll Dice, Test Fate

    1d6 1d6 1d6
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    Flora Dusk Willow

    Awesome more Flora :D Approved
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    Temeraire's Workshop

    Belisarius Name Belisarius REDACTED Alias Oracle of Arcavous Gender Male Age REDACTED Race Human Homeland REDACTED Faction Research Institute, Empire Rank Sage / Gate Keeper Background Belisarius is the third to hold the title Sage at the Arcavous Research Institute...
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    Empire Citizen Richard Pascal

    Richard Name Richard Pascal Nicknames Drake, Dragon Knight Gender Male Age 31 Race Human Homeland Leore Faction Research Institute Rank Professor (Quill) Background Richard Pascal is a professor at the Arcavous Research Institute, and an infamous member of Quill...
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    Creature Pascals Blue

    Wyvern [Dragon / Pascals Blue] Height: 16"1' (Standing) Length: 10"3' (Discounting tail) Average Weight: 6000 Ibs ~ 8000 Ibs Average Overland Speed: 5~7 MPH Wingspan: 14"9' Mobility: Average Carrying Capacity...
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    Location Valest, City of Lights

    Put a lot of work into this so hopefully you like it :) Valest AlligenceKonzo LocationXak'tharakus ClassificationCapital LeadershipDynastic DynastyTamura Population4,000 Miltiary1,250 Primary RaceTengu Lore Valest, also known as the City of Lights, is the most important and influential...
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    Warring Islands Citizen Tamura, Kalko

    Note this is a re-work of an old bio, read his extended history at your own risk especially later chapters which haven't yet been re-worked. The Inheritor Tamura, Kalko Age32 GenderMale Height5"6' Weight96 Ibs Eye ColorMidnight Blue Feather ColorIredescent Black RaceTengu...
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    Magic Star of Isil [Reward; Elya]

    Star of Isil Note: @Elya's reward the Sundering of Dragon's Maw thread. Name: Star of Isil Traits; Sapphire Star - Possesses the traits noted here. Celestial Conversion - When exposed to daylight, the Star of Isil projects a small sphere of influence around its bonded owner. This sphere...
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    Magic Sapphire Star [Exclusive]

    Sapphire Star Note: This is a unique enchantment available to those who have fought Valaxor. It is applied to all artefacts obtained within the event in addition to their other effects. Name: Sapphire Star Classification: Celestial Magic, Enchantment Effect: The enchanted object is bonded to...
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    Character Re-Link Requests

    Relink when you get the chance; @Galadaeros @Kalko @Bellona Scaeva @Syvar Daeus @Erimentha