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  1. Xian

    Sub-Account linking

    My accounts are from a time before the current sub-account system was in place and was wondering if it were possible to link my main and sub account together now? Main: Xian (This one) Sub: Fasiota Tagata
  2. Xian

    The many Faced God

    This will contain the known information for Fasiota Tagata and his faces. Any other stuff i think of will go here mabye too. Fasiota Tagata(Real Name, Original body) Ex-High Level Assassin/spy For the Old Empire Current residence Unknown to the Empire higher ups Loves to people watch, relax...
  3. Xian

    Province Citizen Fasiota Tagata

    Fasiota Tagata Name ► Fasioti Tagata AGE ► 76 GENDER ► Male HEIGHT ► 5’10 WEIGHT ► 102lb EYE COLOR ► Blue HAIR COLOR ► White RACE ► Human HOMELAND ► Noria JOB OR RANK ► Assassin(retired)/Fisherman Biography Fasio was born and raised in Rishoka. He never knew his parents as he was raised by...
  4. Xian

    Miscellaneous Stryd Towenaar

    Stryd Towenaar Name ► Stryd Towenaar AGE ► 61 (looks 30ish) GENDER ► Male HEIGHT ► 6’2 WEIGHT ► 198lb EYE COLOR ► Brown HAIR COLOR ► White RACE ► Human HOMELAND ► Nomadic JOB OR RANK ► Wanderer/Vampire slayer Biography Stryd was raised in Cathwa by a man named Bestry Towenaar who had found...