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The role play is freeform which means there are no stat systems, but there are Rules and Guidelines for members to follow.

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  1. Temeraire

    Open Job Mercenaries needed

    Syvar would not be opposed to joining the campaign.
  2. Temeraire


    always nice to have another dragon around.
  3. Temeraire

    Temeraire's Workshop

    Haru TITLES/ALIAS ► Lord of the Southern Winds, Songbird SPECIES ► Deity AGE ► 500+ GENDER ► Portrayed as Male HEIGHT ► 5"4' WEIGHT ► 87 Ibs EYE COLOR ► Red FEATHER COLOR ► Red (Primary), Blue (Secondary), Yellow, and Blue HOMELAND ► Mysts JOB OR RANK ► Summer Diety Biography Notable...
  4. Temeraire

    Open Job The Ravens Banquet

    Seems we got our two. I will get thread up asap.
  5. Temeraire

    Temeraire's Workshop

    Ren Ito FULL NAME ► Ren Ito AGE ► 36 GENDER ► Male HEIGHT ► 5"7ft WEIGHT ► 42 Ibs EYE COLOR ► Amber FEATHER COLOR ► Dark Brown & Cream speckles HOMELAND ► Xak'tharakus JOB OR RANK ► Patriarch of Ito Clan (formerly Hattori) Biography Ren is the eldest son of the Hattori clan's Matriarch. As a...
  6. Temeraire

    Open Job The Ravens Banquet

    The Ravens Banquet JOB ► Investigating the Disappearance of Prorex Valerius and civilians PAY ► 100 coins, bonuses may apply if missing individuals are safely returned. CONTRACTORS DETAILS ► Praetor Remus Details Praetor (judge) Remus is seeking the assistance of mercenaries to fulfil the role...
  7. Temeraire

    Temeraire's Workshop

    Meteorology in Avsolom Table of Contents _______________________________________________ I Solar/Clear II Cloud III Rain IV Storms V Fog VI Snow VII Extreme VIII Myst _______________________________________________
  8. Temeraire

    I'm back!

    Welcome back, I look forward to seeing you in the forums :)
  9. Temeraire

    Misc Court of Carrion

    Court of Carrion Classification: Hemiolia (light galley) Affiliation: Piracy Length: 62ft Width: 13ft Crew Skeleton Capacity Officers 3 5 Sailors 12 20 Rowers 16 28 Cargo Capacity: 150 tons Supplies: 12 Days Armament: 1x Heavy Ballista (Mechanical) Ratings: Armament Rating: Low...
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    Here I Am!

  11. Temeraire

    Magic Sacred Geometry (WIP)

    Name: Sacred Geometry Classification: Abjuration Complexity: Moderate ~ Extreme Usage: Wards, Barriers and Enchantment Cast Time: Varies (1 Minute ~ 24h<) Cast Method: Somatic, Material History: Sacred Geometry is a ancient but we'll known school of magic that can trace its origins back to the...
  12. Temeraire

    Empire Citizen Miscellaneous Erimentha Manos

    Eri FULL NAME ► Erimentha Manos AGE ► 29 GENDER ► Female HEIGHT ► 2'4" WEIGHT ► 9Ibs EYE COLOR ► Violet HAIR COLOR ► White RACE ► Human (Formerly), Owl HOMELAND ► Rhisoka JOB OR RANK ► Familiar, Scion Biography Contrary to Imperial records, Erimentha was born Ava, to her plebeian mother in the...
  13. Temeraire

    Open Sundering of Dragon's Maw

    Okay, seems I have access whereas I didn't prior so guess will be using the DM account going forward :D
  14. Temeraire

    Open Sundering of Dragon's Maw

    Have no qualms with you posting, jumping straight in, or describing how Elya got to where we are.
  15. Temeraire

    Warring Islands Citizen Kichi

    Kichi FULL NAME ► Kichi Tamura AGE ► 10 GENDER ► Female HEIGHT ► 4"1ft WEIGHT ► 42 Ibs EYE COLOR ► Violet FEATHER COLOR ► Grey HOMELAND ► Xak'tharakus JOB OR RANK ► Heiress Biography Kichi is the daughter of the recently deceased Emiyo Tamura and Itsuki Tamura. Her parents were the most senior...
  16. Temeraire

    Open Sundering of Dragon's Maw

    Happy Friday :) I hope everybody is looking forward to the weekend after a busy week. This a minor announcement to say I will be extending this week's round by 1 week to allow people more time to get their posts up and running (myself included).
  17. Temeraire

    Weapon Konpeki no tsubame

    Konpeki no tsubame Materiel(s) Used: Hilt Wrap - Silk [Dyed Blue] Pommel and Guard - Brass [Decroative] Blade - Steel [Folded] Colour (s): Blue, Brass, Steel Weight: Light Affiliation (if any): Empire of Konzo [Xak'tharakus] History: Konpek no tsubame (Azure swallow) is a weapon retrieved...
  18. Temeraire

    Open Sundering of Dragon's Maw

    I realise this is quite delayed and I apologise for the length of time it has taken me to write out this post. Regardless, thank you, everyone, for their posts so far, and I hope you're enjoying the thread so far. As we move into the more combat orientated aspects, I intend to take advantage of...
  19. Temeraire

    Open Sundering of Dragon's Maw

    Phase 2 post is up For anyone still interested in joining please feel free to jump in. I have tried to keep it open but things might become more difficult after this phase.
  20. Temeraire

    Open Sundering of Dragon's Maw

    Dorian_Gray Nommie Roku Tic Dynamite OsricVek I am honestly amazed by the number of people who have expressed their interest in the thread, growing steadily since initial discussions in discord. I wanted to thank everybody and hope I can facilitate a hunt I hope will be fun for everybody...