The Lantheri Wilds

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The Lantheri Wilds


Treacherous. Perilous. Venomous. These are some of the words that have been used to describe the Lantheri Wilds. Made up of jungle planes and forests, the wilds are mostly undiscovered. Heavy in Myst influence, the brutal landscape spawns just about every one of its creations with the intent to kill. Even the plantlife is deadly. Entering into this domain is a sure way to suicide. Even if one is able to make it into the deep, dark center of the planes, they still have to contend with the locals. Uncivilized they've been called, the savage race of Elves are entirely different from their nomadic kin. Early reports from the Empire describe events when their own men were captured and then eaten by the indigenous tribes. For many reasons, the Empire's conquest of this island was short lived and the Wilds were left to their own malicious vices.

The Elvish tribes may seem uncultured, but their history goes long in dept as they worship gods far older than the Empire herself. Temples and ruins still remain from a time before civilization where the elves gods, beasts, and other unmentionable beings roamed and communed with the Myst. It is here in the Myst runs deepest as some places of the Wild exist in both planes simultaneously. Depending on the shift of the Myst, a person can walk accidentally to the other plan and then be unable to walk back out. But deep within these very same temples exist certain gateways that link both realms together and allow for the cross between the two. Who built these devices is unknown, but the tribal Elves know even their gods would bow to them.

Inhabitants Of The Wild

The Beasts:
Scholars have tried to identify the various species living within Lantheri Wilds, but their expeditions are mostly met with bloodshed. From what they gather, the fauna that walk the treeline are remarkably similar in appearance to those born of this realm. The major exception to this difference is that every species yet to be seen appears to be made to kill and designed to rip limb from limb. Some of these beasts even have more arms to do just that, such as saber-tooth tigers with six legs, or back-plated horses with eight. Even the reptiles there -which were dangerous enough already- seem to tower over their mortal-plane subspecies.

The Plants: If one travels to the wilds, they'd best bring their own food. Through several outbreaks of poisoning, the travelers entering into the wilds have realized there are no safe greens to pick. Everything is poisonous in one way or another, some even to the point of physical contact. And while this isn't bad enough, some of the trees have been seen moving from place to place. And not just in their roots slithering about on the ground, but quite literally uprooting themselves and walking. Some treelife mind their own business, but the majority of them still hunt for flesh. One wouldn't think a plant would be interesting in such things. They are the first ones to find themselves wrapped in a rose bud with venomous fangs feasting on their marrow.

The Cannibals: While similar in biology to the common Elf, these tribal savages could not be more different when it comes to behavior. Having no coherent form of language they act as a pack to hunt their prey while treading through the wilds. They take refuge in the ruins of Lanteri where the blood hungry predators refuse to follow. The Empire has noted from time to time camps in the wilds when the tribes carve out a waypoint between ruins, but they rarely stay there for a long periods of time. Such camps have seen pikes where trespassers were left behind (what remained of their bodies that is). Any sort of communication between them and civilization has always been met with hostility to the point the cannibals have actually pounced and bitten those who were unable to defend themselves in time.

The Elves Gods: Golloms some call them. Made of earth, stone, wood, and even the elements themselves, these towering giants walk the earth without fear of being prey to the beasts below them. Almost as if the animals recognize these beings to be grander than them, they pay no mind to the walking titans as they cross through their territories. What causes them to move around in unknown, be it the Myst's influence or something greater, scholars dream of capturing one and studying it. But with the wilds being as deadly as they are, an expedition to venture inwards will remain a pipe dream.

The Myst Walkers: There is another sentient race in the Lanteri Wilds, but it does not exist on the mortal plane. Through the sister realm, there walk a race of beings that the Empire dubbed Myst Walkers. Humanoid in appearance, they are the only creatures in Lantheri who don't seem willing to kill at first site. That being said, no form of communication was ever able to be established between them. As they exist in the other realm, they are but ghosts to us, as we are shadows to them. Only through taking a portal in one of the hidden ruined temples can one cross over into their world, but none have ever done so. Scholars have described them as angels in the graceful way they move about, and that their beauty is unparalleled. It is said seeing one in the Wilds will grant you safety through its domain.

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