Become a Myst of Avsolom VIP Member


If you wish to support Myst of Avsolom and become a VIP member, you can either donate or boost the discord server.

All donations go towards helping the site continue. The money will either go towards the cost of hosting, the SSL certificate (security), the forum software, upgrading the software or anything else that is needed for the site. Boosting the discord gives the community access to more features. A banner on the discord, more emotes, more space, etc.

VIP status will show on both the forum and discord, as it comes with a baby blue name.

If you choose to boost Myst of Avsolom's discord server, you will receive your VIP status within time. If you choose to donate, contact Lilith to get your rank up.

Thank you for considering supporting Myst of Avolsom's site and discord.