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Dwarves were once a race of Elves originating from the Lantheri Wilds. Either because of the harshness of the forests or the competition for space to live the Dwarves broke themselves away from the Lantheri Elves and moved deep into the mountain chain that cuts between Lantheri and Cathwa. For many long years the Dwarves were forgotten. Until a lost Lantheri Elf discovered an entrance to one of the Dwarf settlements. Dwarves were discovered once again.


Once considered as a race of Elves they are a race of being that probably goes as far back as Elves, Dragons and Ursas. At the beginning of their existence the Dwarves inhabited only the side Lantheri Wilds side of the mountain chain that cuts between Lantheri and Cathwa. But while the Lantheri strives to live in the forest the Dwarves carved their existence out in the mountains themselves. Neither race crossed paths for perhaps hundreds of years not knowing that the other existed.

That was until a chance meeting between a Dwarf gathering wood and a Lantheri Elf searching for herbs happened to go to the same patch of forest. At first the Elf was taken aback by the Dwarf's rough appearance and avoided approaching the Dwarf and the Dwarf came to the judgement that the elf was too untrustworthy. But after an awkward staring contest that may have lasted for a painfully long time the two began to talk. Finding that their reasons for not wanting to communicate was completely unjustified. After the two spoke to one another they began to help each other find and gather what they had come to that part of the forest for.

Many years later the same Dwarf and Elf will meet once again but as leaders of their races at a summit. This was not just any sort of event however. Citizens of both populations were anticipating this meeting between the two leaders with celebrations taking place with individuals of both races intermingling. At the end of the summit the two leaders signed a treaty that will become an alliance between the Dwarves and Lantheri Elves that will continue strongly through to the present day.

As time progressed the Dwarves will spread out to other provinces but they will never forget the alliance between their race and the Lantheri Elves. Which will be reflected by how the Dwarves will construct and design each settlement. Eventually because of the long lasting alliance that will even survive the Second Myst Surge and their willingness to work together the two races will develop technology that will be considered to be one of the wonders of the world.

It has yet to be seen what affects the Second Myst Surge will have on the alliance between the Dwarves and Lantheri Elves.

Dwarf Society


Dwarves may appear to be short, mean beings but their appearance had nothing to do with how welcoming Dwarves really are. Dwarves will try to establish relations, trade or an alliance, with every province and every race. They even try establishing relations with dragons themselves. They will explore every route possible to establish some sort of relation before calling it quits, though they may retry if they see a reason to give a trade or alliance agreement another go. How they approach an alliance or trade agreement varies depending on province, races, etc.

How they approach dragons though is a whole different area that has steps that must be taken before a relation with the dragon is cemented. First an envoy of three Dwarves are sent to the Dragon's lair. The first visit is to determine if the dragon is friendly, aggressive as well as how intelligent the dragon is. They will also decide on if the dragon is too greedy at the same time. If the dragon is too greedy or too aggressive (to the point no one can approach the dragon or even calm him / her enough to talk to) they will not visit that dragon again at all. If a dragon is borderline too aggressive or greedy they may attempt to visit the dragon again but that is dependable on if the envoys have the time. The dragons they favor establishing relations with are those that are not too greedy or too aggressive. These are the ones that the Dwarf envoys will visit again to work out an agreement with the dragon. With a portion of the hoard the Dwarves dig up and give to the dragon they are to protect and share the rest (Somewhere between 20 to 50 percent of the hoard given to the dragon to protect belongs to the dragon) when the dwarves come for the treasure. Sometimes they will even establish relations where the dragons will protect a dwarf settlement and in return a payment is given to the dragon each month. Other agreements may be worked out as well.

The society of Dwarves themselves is not that complex either. There is the Chieftain (man or woman) who oversees all of the Dwarves established in a province. Meaning in each province there is one dwarf chieftain. This status is held either for life or if the people choose someone more suitable for the role is put in his or her place.

Below the Chieftain is the upper and middle classes. The upper class generally holds some important role in society whether it is a seat in government, running a mine (which is regarded as a high honor), or some other high status job. Below them is the middle class usually these Dwarves run the markets, taverns, crafting jewelry/ weapons and other jobs. The third and final class is the poor civilians this final social group do work for the other two classes like running the Chieftains household, work in the taverns and what not. This is the only class in their society that works in the mines. One will never hear of a dwarf complaining about working in the mines though since they pay is generally better than those working in the taverns or the Chieftain's household.

As flawless as Dwarf Society seems it does not mean that there is no crime happening. Every now and then there are dwarves who will attempt to steal or kill. Trust for a dwarf caught stealing will not be trusted to do hard labor in the mines so they are usually sent out of the mountain settlement to bring in wood, meat and other items that a settlement will need to keep running. Sometimes they may be forced to serve in the province's armed forces as soldiers or however the commanding officer of the military sees fit. Committing murder however that is usually a crime where banishment or the death penalty is given out as punishment. Which is given out depends on (with proof) that the murder was accidental or on purpose. An accidental will most likely end with the dwarf being banished or forced to serve in the province military.

Like every race there are Dwarves who choose the military route of life instead of the other types of work available to them. They make excellent additions to any province military, mercenaries, and any other military class of work. Along side the military are those who have magical abilities. These dwarves are quite rare and are regarded as special folk in dwarf society. These Dwarves are usually given a high status job in society by the Chieftain to keep them close either to protect his / her family or to protect the Dwarf settlement as a whole. The what the magi dwarf decides to do as far as staying or leaving is up to the individual dwarf. Some dwarf settlements will even go to great lengths to find and hire Magi to protect their settlements. It is rumored that the bigger the settlement the more the dwarf Chieftain will pay the Magi.

The Main Settlements of the Dwarves are located in Tor Molosva,Tor Gorath, and Tor Ironith.


The Great Mine located (location here).​