About Us

Welcome to the Myst of Avsolom

We are an 18+ 3/3/3 medieval high fantasy role play forum set in an original world. The role play is freeform, which means there are no stat systems but there are Rules and Guidelines to follow.

We suggest starting off by introducing yourself in the Introductions forum!

Glance over our Lore & Plot Overview to understand our role play setting. Relevant links to expanded write-ups are found there, along with a basic breakdown of the world and how its pieces fit together. It is not necessary to read everything posted there.

For an overview of magic and how it functions in the world of Avsolom, check out The Myst & Magic. It offers a greater depth of explanation on the origins of magic, the Myst, and how players might interact with each. A brief, non-comprehensive list of examples of uses of magic is included.

Once comfortable with the world and its plot, look at our Character Rules & Guide and post a character profile in our Character Profiles forum; you may use one of our Basic Character Templates or you can create your own. You must create a Character Account to role play with the character.

With that out of the way, feel free to find a role play thread in the Avsolom Role Play forum. You may also join our discord to get to know your fellow role players!

Extra tidbits about the site:
  • You do not need to read all the lore to jump into the roleplay.
  • The roleplay is collaborative, not competative.
  • Characters cannot die without their authors consent.
  • All races are highly customizable. Example: vampires can be weak to the sun or not, etc.
  • There are numerous humanoid races but dragons, ethereal creatures and sentient animals are playable.
  • There are character accounts.
  • The rules are minimal and relaxed.
  • The site has an active discord community.