The Archipelago

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The Archipelago


The Archipelago, made up of seven major islands and numerous smaller islands. Only the seven major islands have names. Atsena (North) and Pryor (South) lie on the west side of the island chain. Carthagina is the big island on the East side of the chain while Suwannee is the island taking up the very Southern end of the Archipelago. The three islands Dorada, Gualala, and Wanana take up the center of the chain.

Like many island chains the vegetation, wildlife, and terrain varies. Sometimes drastically. The islands that are to the north may experience winter weather from time to time despite the warm currents that weave through the island chain. While the islands in the center and south have a more temperate to tropical climate. Sometimes the islands (more so the ones to the west side of the chain) may experience severe droughts that may be crippling.

While the islands allow the people to grow a variety of crops and gather things that are already available. They do not have access to everything that is needed. In fact their resources are rather limited. So what they cannot gain on the islands they trade for. With the island chain practically being right in the middle of the other landmasses, The Archipelago is in the perfect location to engage in trade with the other nations. Something that the people have learned to exploit very well. Becoming masters at the art of trade and business. To allow them to engage in trade with other nations, they have designed ships to carry cargo to and from far away lands safely. In fact the ships are so well designed that it is rare to hear of one sinking. These two aspects have made the economy of the islands possibly one of the richest.

Along with trade the fact that nobles have designated the islands as a popular vacation destination. Some even establishing permanent vacation houses or mansions. Which also adds to The Archipelago economy.

Government & Society

The Council is a group of men, one man from each of the seven islands, whom the people have voted to represent them on the islands. The most important job of the council is to make sure that the Governor doesn't abuse his powers. They also establish trade with other nations and towns on the other landmasses, and keep the trading working smoothly as possible. Whatever there is needed to maintain the day to day needs of the islands these are the men who make sure it is done.

Governor is the man at the top. He oversees everything and brings the peoples concerns to the council. Likewise the council brings issues up to him for discussion. In a ways the Governor and the Council work together when it comes to the needs of the people inhabiting the islands. Though it is the governor who upholds the law, ensures the safety of the people from outside forces and negotiates with other nation leaders if need be to establish trade or to prevent a war from breaking out.

The one thing people outside of The Archipelago will notice is the fact that crime is very rarely reported. But the reason is not for what people think. With a rich economy and good trades coming and going all the time. It should not be a surprise that all levels of theft is very common.

So common that the people themselves take it as their responsibility to deal out any punishment he or she sees fit when they catch someone in the act. The punishment is often dealt swiftly and brutally. Though the seiftness and brutality of the punishment depends on the business owner or dock manager that catches the criminal. These punishments vary widely but seeing people with some body part missing is often the tell sign that he or she is a thief that has been punished.

The trials themselves, if one is brought to trial, will end with some sort of brutal punishment. Even executions are brutal. This makes it hard to tell who's punishment is harsher than the other. The people or the government. That is something one must never hope to find out the hard way.

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