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  1. Xian

    Open Job Mercenaries needed

    Fasiota is retired, but he still needs coin to live on. And working for the Royals would be nostalgic. Count him in.
  2. Xian

    Sub-Account linking

    this has been sorted by Nommie.
  3. Xian

    Sub-Account linking

    My accounts are from a time before the current sub-account system was in place and was wondering if it were possible to link my main and sub account together now? Main: Xian (This one) Sub: Fasiota Tagata
  4. Xian

    Vampire Discussion

    the difference betwee 2.5 and 3.5 can be a simple as only being quick enough to try and block an attack, or being quick enough to be able block, dodge or counter an attack. options. I don't understand where that 5 came from. vampires can't boost their physical abilities. so whatever the number...
  5. Xian

    Vampire Discussion

    i think removing all stats and making them blank slates is a very bad idea. That really owuld open the flood gates for potential abuse. the only thing ive really thought thatwould be nice would be actually to buff vampires physical traits a little. instead of 2.5/2x stronger and faster make it...
  6. Xian

    Guten Tag

  7. Xian

    Vampire Discussion

    It doesn't make sense. These are being that have been practicing magic for centuries, why is their magic limited to less than john the farmers boy who's been practicing for 10? If this rule is to remain, there needs to be a reason *why* their magic is limited. Why do they only know 3 spells even...
  8. Xian

    We're taking Kharia too

    We're taking Kharia too
  9. Xian

    Fire lady was a great rejuvination

    Fire lady was a great rejuvination
  10. Xian


    Welcome to the web-writers writing website. We welcome you with warmth and... errr... wombles?
  11. Xian

    Open Site Event The Emperors Ball OOC

    Sabrina Fasio started a flame thrower like attack at you from the far side of the emperor. and varian threw some mean words at you that might leave a cut and pain. So far
  12. Xian

    Open Site Event The Emperors Ball OOC

    just so everyone knows, that fire mage i jumped on is out of the picture unless i get interupted. just wanted to make sure. the posts after mine make it seem like he's still a threat.
  13. Xian

    The many Faced God

    This will contain the known information for Fasiota Tagata and his faces. Any other stuff i think of will go here mabye too. Fasiota Tagata(Real Name, Original body) Ex-High Level Assassin/spy For the Old Empire Current residence Unknown to the Empire higher ups Loves to people watch, relax...
  14. Xian

    Open Site Event The Emperors Ball OOC

    No ones killing anyone, yet. There are however at least 2 assassins in the room, possibly more. so who knows.
  15. Xian

    Province Citizen Fasiota Tagata

    KinkyPrawn Done edits to the power, just check its all there and i think we're done :)