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    Past, Present.

    Welcome back! Good to have you with us again. :)
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    Welcome! As for the lore, we are always looking for more lore submissions to help build up the world. So whatever you want to bring to the table I'm sure will be received well.
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    Independent Delrui

    Delrui "One must cut and prune the messes we have all made in the gardens of our lives." Biography - A man of principals, elegance and conviction. That is the embodiment of what can be discerned as Delrui, a self proclaimed botanist and practitioner of the magical arts. Hailing from the...
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    Faction Followers of Malae

    The Followers of Malae "May thine sacrifice guide thee." - Excerpt from the teachings of Malae - Overview: The Followers of Malae are a religious organization that have spread far and wide through the lands of the Empire within recent years. They are devout in their worship of a figure...
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    Independent Radin the Wyvern

    Nice. :) We haven't had any dragons in a while.
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    Information Quest Catalog

    Quests The world of Avsolom is brimming with possibilities. Whether it be to save the innocent and fell great evils or embracing your own darkness in the pursuit of power, Avsolom is ripe with opportunity for those who tempt fate and seek to take hold of their own destinies. Set out and carve...
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    Misc Prophecy of the Wolf and the Lamb

    The Prophecy of the Wolf and the Lamb Long ago when Astraea, Queen of the Valkyries, was sealed away for her treachery and thirst for blood, the men and women who sealed her away through the use of forbidden magic turned their backs on the rest of Nal-Akima. The horrors they had wrought to...
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    Magic Domain

    Domain - A spell that is by design intended solely to be used against those are also Myst practitioners. Notably the spell known as Domain is an extremely advanced power that requires a considerable amount of magical reserves to be able to cast in the first place. The origin of this spell is...
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    Flora Magic Black Wood Trees

    Black Wood Trees - Ages ago during the first Cataclysm there were great rifts of energy expelled from the Myst into the lands of Avsolom that brought with them devastating consequences to the lands that were actively affected. Hazardous in nature, the Cataclysm brought about violent surges of...
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    Myst Born Telthier - Master Of Pacts

    Telthier - Master Of Pacts Overview and History Throughout history there has always been references to a being who is known for his trickery, deception and bargains. Commonly changing his form to fit both cultures and religions with an expanded mythos to allow him a greater range of...
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    Ask Just Business

    The crack of magic did indeed perk up the ears of those who were on watch and so two men walked their way to the gate with their broadswords held in their off-hand as they sought out the noise. The two of them arrived at the door, one leaned upon the gate while the other gave a nod and stepped...
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    Independent Durdge Blackwood

    Durdge Blackwood AGE ► 35 GENDER ► Male HEIGHT ► 6'5 WEIGHT ► 257lbs EYE COLOR ► Blue HAIR COLOR ► Blonde RACE ► Human HOMELAND ► Empire Province JOB OR RANK ► Warmaster to the Blackwood Company While most circumstances surrounding the birth of a child are generally met with cause for...
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    Ask Just Business

    Fort Hope - On the coast of Noria there is a place swallowed by the events of the past that have left an everlasting scar upon the land. A war waged many years ago with untold horrors brought into this world through the use of profane magics that many dare not cast to this day. By the sea they...
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    Faction Blackwood Company

    The Blackwood Company Overview and History A little over a century ago, the Blackwood name belonged solely to a noble house within the Old Empire, specifically north-east of Perseus, located in what is known as the Blackwood Forest. Though not true to its name, the Blackwood forest is...
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    Independent Robert Blackwood

    Robert Blackwood AGE ► 35 GENDER ► Male HEIGHT ► 6'1 WEIGHT ► 184lbs EYE COLOR ► Blue HAIR COLOR ► Blonde RACE ► Human HOMELAND ► Empire Province JOB OR RANK ► Leader of the Blackwood Company Blackwood. A tarnished name belonging to a noble house that was disgraced a century ago with their...